Monthly Archives: October 2011

Coffee Table

Today after work, I got coffee with my best friend, Turner, a we came up with an idea for creating a custom top for my otherwise boring coffee table. The previous weekend while bumming around Brady St, we saw this really interestingly designed coffee table in a shop. The table had a frosted glass top that had some black lines in it which looked like tree branches. It looked really neat, but it was large, low and square. Also, it was about $400. My coffee table, in contrast, was free, and is tall and narrow. I came up with the idea that I could probably make a glass top for my table and have it be in a similar pattern. Turner mentioned he had been looking at buying some electroluminescent wire to make a “Tron” styled costume. I had read recently that one could get electroluminescent “tape”. In case you don’t know what electroluminescent wire/tape is, it is a wire that when connected to electricity will glow like a light, but is not a filament. If you’ve ever seen the movie tron, it’s the stuff they use to make the outfits light up. I think it would be cool to cover the table top in the stuff and have the pattern be backlit.


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