A new project idea

I have recently been enamored with electroluminescent materials. The way they glow and the diversity of their application is really interesting to me. Recently, I read about electroluminescent paint. That’s right, electroluminescent paint, as in you paint it, hook it up to a power source of some sort, flick a switch and your paint turns “on”. This blew my mind a little bit when I first heard about it, but then it got me thinking; I have a photograph of a record player I want to posterise and then convert into a vector. I could then get a large print made, and then I would paint a trace of the elements of the image in electroluminescent paint. When the lights go out I can turn it on and have a unique piece that lights up un the dark! Tron meets photography meets print. Brilliant. Pun intended.


About Andre Simms

Professional Ever since I was a child, my interests have always been in discovering how things work. By breaking down complex operations into their smaller components, I've grown to appreciate how things work together; finding more efficient ways of completing tasks is a creative challenge that I enjoy. Recently, I earned my bachelor's degree in Political Science at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, with a focus on American politics and public administration. I now work as a government professional with 3 years experience in both executive and legislative work. Many of my skills have grown from my experiences of studying problems in government operation, critical analysis and complex problem solving. Personal I am an avid photographer, and have been actively shooting for 10 years. My style has grown to focus on lifestyle photography; I love capturing my everyday experiences through the lenses of my camera. While I enjoy many types of photography, my favorite method is the long exposure. This method, when applied at night allows colors to saturate themselves in an unique way. At night, the world we are familiar with transforms into a new place, the night world is a reflection of the day. View all posts by Andre Simms

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