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10 things you should know about passion

“Here are , which can perhaps help you find what your real passion is. There should be a purposeful word choice in what you use in a sentence. With this logic in mind, ‘Passion’ is as far from a ‘hobby’ as a ‘hobby’ is to a ‘dream’.”

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Why I Suck at Delegating (and You Might, Too)

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How Office Control Freaks Can Learn to Let Go

“An internal battle rages inside many high performers who advance from positions where they thrived as individual contributors to positions that require them to depend on others.”

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Want to Start a Business? Consider These 5 Invaluable Lessons Before Diving In

“Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Justin Spring. On Friday nights, most testosterone-driven high school guys head out to the football field to either put on the pads or chase after the girls in the stands. I went to turn a profit.”

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9 Steps To Better Personal Branding [Infographic]

“I am constantly asked what the most effective way to brand yourself is in today’s social media climate.”

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The Battle for Power on the Internet

“Distributed citizen groups and nimble hackers once had the edge. Now governments and corporations are catching up. Who will dominate in the decades ahead? We’re in the middle of an epic battle for power in cyberspace.”

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Is Google building a hulking floating data center in SF Bay?

“SAN FRANCISCO — Something big and mysterious is rising from a floating barge at the end of Treasure Island, a former Navy base in the middle of San Francisco Bay. And Google’s fingerprints are all over it.”

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