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Taking Google’s modular, upgradeable smartphone from concept to reality

“Technology has been getting smaller and more tightly integrated for years, but that doesn’t mean everyone likes it that way.”

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A New Take On Auto Insurance: Pay By The Mile

“City drivers stand to save about $500 annually if they drive fewer than 12,000 miles a year. After launching in Illinois, Washington, and Oregon, Metromile is expanding its pay-by-the-mile auto insurance to California.”

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9 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started My Career

“They might make it look easy now, but most professionals would do a few things differently. These pieces of advice apply at any age.”

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How Creative Hobbies Make Us Better At Basically Everything

“They’re not just diversions from the daily grind–creative play can make you better at what you do at work. At any given time, I have a side project running.”

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Apple Partners With Historic Rival IBM To Make IPhones More Business-Friendly

“Apple muscles its way into enterprise. Sound the death knell for BlackBerry (for the umpteenth time). Apple just announced a major new partnership with what once upon a time was its fiercest rival in the computing biz: IBM.”

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How Comcast became a powerful—and controversial—part of the Internet backbone

“There’s no bigger Internet service provider in the United States than Comcast, and perhaps none is more controversial. Comcast has struggled to win the hearts of its TV and Internet subscribers for years, regularly faring poorly in customer satisfaction surveys.”

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Google+ Will Now Let You Use A Fake Name

“Paging Seymour Butz. When Google launched its social network three years ago, it mandated that users use their real names, a la Facebook.”

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