I created this blog to house ideas for different projects I am working on, or plan to work on. I hope you find these projects as interesting and entertaining as I do.

A little about me:

I have a extensive background in building things. My father, a ham radio operator in his spare time, began teaching me about electronics at a very early age. When I was little we would build radios and flashlights. In middle school, I participated in the boy scouts, working on service projects such as building things for people in need. While in high school, I worked as a set carpenter; in my 4 years the theater put on 10 major productions, and I participated as a member of both the build and production crews. Later, while an undergraduate in college I worked as student audio/visual technician, setting up speaker and lighting systems for concerts and performances. A large portion of that job involved repairing much of the university’s aging audio equipment. After graduating I worked as a volunteer at a small theater in my city, which also involves building lots of props and set pieces.

I have always had an interest in building many things. While that may be a generic statement, I think it’s also broad enough to be the most accurate, as I have built a diverse group of things.


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